Join #teamResults tonight as we break a sweat!! Shake ya booty with me at 7pm come enjoy good music, laughs, amazing people and booty shaking all while gettin in a great workout!! Only $5 per class unless it’s your first time or if you bring along 3 friends then it’s FREEEEEE!! Hope to see you then!! Don’t miss out!! 1845 E 4th St Ontario Ca 91764

#tbt hikin’ the Claremont 5 mile with @sir_fatz

Today’s the day!!! Happy birthday to the bestest friend a best friend could ever haveeee!!! Now we all grown and have bills and jobs you have always been my ROD if it was just goin to dinner or bustin late night missions always and forever you my boo and nobody can change that… NOBODY. !! Lol turn upppppp 22!!! I’ll be takin you on your date soon as I get paid lol #HappyBirthday #OldieLocks #Uce #Bro

Another day some mo dollas!! #Holla lol

#REAL 💯💯💯💯

#reallife #meanwhileinmyuterus #imdyinggggg

Lol am I even doin this right?? #MakeUpNewbie 🙅

Sometimes I have to remind myself 👌🙏☝️#blessed

Roasted veggies are my new favorite!! 😍😍 tossed in olive oil as chopped garlic and pepper and put in the oven for 15 minutes 👌 and rosemary chicken